Amagasaki City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 28-March-2022

About Amagasaki city destination: Amagasaki is a beautiful coastal city which is located in just near of the Osaka city of the Japan country. Amagasaki city is located on bank of the River Yodo. Amagasaki city is also called the suburb of the Osaka commercial city in Japan country. Amagasaki is a fully modern city where several types of the modern facilities to live modern life.

Amagasaki city is good connected to other Japaneses domestic places and other foreign countries. Amagasaki city is just 18.1 KM distance from Osaka, Kyoto city is just 51.4 KM distance, Tokyo city is just 494.5 KM distance, Hiroshima city is just 329.5 KM far, Nagoya city is just 174.3 KM distance, Niigata city is just 607.0 KM distance, Sendai city is just 862.0 KM and Fukuoka city is just 609.9 KM far.

Japan is a fully developed country which is situated in eastern of the Russia, North Korea and South Korea. Japan is land open country which around has Sea water and does not connect any other country land border. Japan is also called first the Sun rise country of the world. Japan country major cities are Tokyo capital city, Osaka commercial city, Hiroshima historical city, Nagoya industrial city, Fukuoka industrial city and Niigata coastal city etc. Japan is a advanced developed country where has modern road transport, air transport and train transport network. Japan tour holiday and Europe tour holiday .

How can come to Amagasaki city: Amagasaki city is located just 18.0 KM distance from Osaka city centre which is the second largest populated city of the Japan country. foreign countries passengers can come to Amagasaki city via air transport and water transport only. Passengers can come to Amagasaki city from other Japan domestic places via train transport, water transport, road transport and air transport.

Kansai International Airport: Kansai International Airport is the second busiest international airport of the Japan country which is situated just 0 KM distance from Osaka city centre. Kansai International Airport situated on artificial island in Osaka Bay.

Ferry Sunflower Kobe Port: Kobe Port is a nearest ferry terminal where people can get ferry / ship services to foreign countries and other Japanese domestic places. Japan country's mostly cities are located on Sea shores. So, Japan mostly cities are also as coastal cities.

Shin-Osaka Station - Travel Terminals: Amagasaki city just 10 KM distance also has Bullet trains station which comes in Osaka city. Amagasaki is well connected to other Japanese places via train transport.

Amagasaki city tourists attractions: Amagasaki city has several modern and historical places to visit which some are Amagasaki fishing park, Amagasaki Sports-no-mori - Sports complex, Motohama Ryokuchi - Park, Amagasaki Castle, Yagura Ryokuchi Park, Naruohama Seaside Park sea fishing Square - Fishing pier, Odaminami Park, Kuise Park, Kamisakabe West Park (Amagasaki City Botanical Garden), Tsukaguchinagamizo Park, Kohnan Pro Amagasaki Osho - Home improvement store etc.

Amagasaki city famous Restaurants & accommodations: city has several famous hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure. Amagasaki city some famous restaurants are amagasaki - restaurant , Atariya - Teppanyaki restaurant, Machikadoya Amagasaki Showadori - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, Matsuya Amagasaki - Gyudon restaurant, Kiteya Hanshin Amagasaki - Izakaya restaurant, Yataizushi Hanshin-amagasaki-ekikitaguchimachi - Izakaya restaurant, Hương Viet Foods Ohama-Amagasaki - Vietnamese restaurant, Akakara Amagasaki restaurant etc.