Chiba City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 2-May-2022

About Chiba City destination: Chiba is a suburb of the Tokyo city which is places in eastern of the Tokyo city in Japan country. It is situated just near of the Tokyo Bay area which is a good destination to explore Japan country's local people modern life style and social activities. Chiba city has several famous places to visit which some modern and some historical. Chiba is a part Greater Tokyo which is well jointed to other Japanese and foreign countries via water transport and air transport. Japan is a fully developed country which capital city is Tokyo city.

Chiba city is good jointed to other Japan domestic places via road transport. Chiba city is just 37.6 KM distance from Tokyo city centre, Sendai city is just 365.5 KM far, Niigata city is exact 372.9 KM far, Nagoya city is just 389.5 KM far, Osaka commercial city is just 539.2 KM far, Hiroshima city is just 849.2 KM far, Kyoto city is just 494.3 KM distance, Fukuoka coastal city is just 1129.6 KM distance.

Japan is well destination to enjoy holiday during the summer season and winter season. Japan is an advanced developed country of the Asia region which political and admin capital city is Tokyo city which is also has largest populated and economy hub. Japan country mostly and major cities are also as coastal city which jointed to other places via air transport and water transport to foreign countries. Japan country use advanced technology in all over daily life such as transport sector, health sector, education sector, manufacturing sector and building infrastructure etc. Japan tour holiday and Europe tour holiday .

How can come to Chiba City: Chiba is a well destination which is good jointed to other Japanese places via road transport, water transport, air transport and train transport. other countries passengers can come to Chiba city via water transport and air transport only because Japan country around has only sea water and does not connect any other land boarder.

Haneda Airport - International airport: Haneda Airport is the busiest international airport of the Japan country where people can get flights to all over world. Haneda Airport city connects Tokyo city to all foreign countries.

Narita International Airport: Narita airport is also an international airport of the Tokyo city where people can get flights to foreign countries also and domestic cities also.

Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal: Hinode Pier is the busiest international Sea harbour where people can get ship / ferry services to other countries and domestic places also.

Chiba Station - Travel Terminals: it is a local railway station of the Chiba city where people can get trains to other Japanese places via train transport.

Chiba City tourists attractions: There are several famous destination in Chiba to watch which some are historical and modern such as Chiba Port Tower - Observation deck, Chiba City Museum of Art - Art museum, “Flower Capital Chiba” Monument, Natural History Museum and Institute, Kasori Midden - Historical landmark, Chiba Zoological Park, Sonounomori Park, Makuhari Beach, Aqua Rink - Ice skating rink, Chiba Central Sports Cente - Sports complex etc.

Chiba City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Chiba city has lots of hotels accommodations which some are luxury and affordable types. Chiba city some famous restaurants are Asian Restaurant MEHMAN, Royal Curry - Indian restaurant, Pantry Coyote - Hamburger restaurant, Ichiran - Ramen restaurant, ALOHA TABLE Perrier - Hawaiian restaurant, Red Lobster - Seafood restaurant, Coco's Restaurant - Family restaurant, Indian Restaurant Sitar etc.