Ajman City UAE Holiday Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 27-Feb-2023

About Ajman City destination: Ajman is a famous city of the UAE country which is also the fifth largest populated city of the United Arab Emirates country. Ajman city is also a port city where also has water transport services.

Distance from Ajman City: Ajman coastal city is good connected to other UAE regional places via road transport. Ajman city is just 13.3 KM distance from Sharjah port city, Dubai port city is just 40.7 KM distance, Abu Dhabi central capital city is just 176.2 KM far, Al Ain historical city is just 170.1 KM distance, Ras Al-Khaimah city is just 75.8 KM distance and Fujairah city is just 116.3 KM far.

UAE tour: It is very good plan to enjoy holiday in UAE country which is a located in Middle east region. UAE neighbour countries are Soudi Arabia country, Qatar country, Bahrain country, Oman country. UAE some major cities are Abu Dhabi capital city, Dubai business commercial city, Al Ain historical city and Sharjah coastal city etc. Winter and summer are well season to spend holiday in UAE while winter is well when weather temperature become some cool. Switzerland tour travel booking, Europe tour travel and Japan tour travel booking.

How can come to Ajman City: Ajman is a modern city which is located in UAE country. Ajman city is very good connected to other UAE regional places via air, water and road transport. Ajman city is very well jointed to other international countries via air and water transport.

Air Transport: Dubai International Airport is the busiest international airport of the UAE country which is placed in Dubai commercial city. Dubai International Airport is just 30.2 KM distance from Ajman city.

Sharjah International Airport is a busy international airport where passengers can get domestic and international both types flights which is just 22.3 KM distance from Ajman city.

Water Transport: Ajman Free Zone is the seaport of the Ajman coastal city where passengers can get water transport services to other international countries and UAE regional places.

Train Transport: Ajman city has not train transport network where Dubai commercial city has metro train transport services.

Ajman City tourists attractions: Ajman city has several modern places to spend time which some are Ajman Museum, AJMAN FISHING POINT, Ajman Beach, Hamidiya Park (Helio Park), Al Zorah Natural Reserve, Ghabat Al Regayeb Park - Community garden, UAE Pygmy Zoo - Animal park, Al Zorah Mangrove Tours - Nature preserve, Flag Park - UAE Flag Pole - Garden, Yacob's Farm & Camping, Happiness Farm, Al Tallah Camel Race Course, Malaaeb - American football field etc.

Ajman City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Ajman coastal city has several modern luxury and affordable types hotels accommodations to stay. Ajman city has several famous restaurants such as Al Marsa - Restaurant, Al jurf restaurant, New arab Cafe - Restaurant, Al Tallah cafeteria & Restaurant - Family restaurant, Adnoc Hamidiya - Fast food restaurant, Mughlai Junction Restaurant, Chimney Restaurant, Chick One - Restaurant, Orchid Restaurant, Happy Family Restaurant, Pescado Sea Food Grills - Family restaurant, Seascape Restaurant - Seafood restaurant etc.