Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy for visiting of is of the online service which is managed through it's portal. The Australia has the Digital Transformation Agency which looks after all the issues related to online related services and the country is known for protecting the people's interest through various Digital services act. The term "personal Information" with privacy policy means the information from which the identity which is reasonable in terms of collecting personal information through online service.The services without of Australia does not take any personal information without telling you and the queries are resolved through Feedback form to know your identity.


The purpose of the online service which provides the trusted information from the Australian state and also the territory which is under the government sources.

Personal information policy:

The personal information policy which see the collection of e-mail address with name or the phone number with your consent. There is no question of personal or the sensitive information and certainly there are no question of any unlawful activity. The serious threats to health and safety is avoided and there is nothing like asking for any medical complications of yours but certainly the few details about the Blood Group and common allergic systems maybe asked for.

Sought of Secure Detail services:

The personal information is sought through secure web page and we also hold with the details which may ask your personal information and inaccurate data is not counted for. The up-to-date or complete details is sought and the services of helping with the details are free but when it comes to taking the help of services such as booking of tickets and tourists itinerary then we take the payment through secured gateways.

Dealing with complains and requests:

The request or the complains and access to personal information with correcting your personal information and any e-mail which is send is through secure web page with the less of chances for discrepancy in the website. The services are to be given response within 30 days about rectification of any error and the request or complains are given proper heed.

Protection of personal information:

Since, today the data services act is implemented and there is Zero tolerance policy for data pilferage we try to put no personal information at risk. The services of the data backed software is with maintaining of physical and administrative safeguards by securing information.

Website Analytic:

The Website Analytic is the premier tool which could be found with use of Cookies within the site. The cookies are a small text or file within the site. The website uses Google Analytic and with a service which also see website traffic data to Google servers in United States.

Data Compliance for customers:

It is necessary for the customers to comply with the data compliance and the certain things which needs to be followed are:

1. The Privacy Policy should be easily visible by others.

2. The meaningful consent should be obtained at appropriate time and in an acceptable manner within the terms and conditions of the web page.

Here in, the web page makes sure to implement all the necessary details in terms of Privacy policy and helps to give clear and accurate information to be precise.