Ghayathi City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 25-Sept-2023

About Ghayathi City destination: Ghayathi is a famous town / city which is located in UAE country. Ghayathi come in Emirate of Abu Dhabi region where has lots of desert to enjoy desert safari. people also can enjoy here camel race. It is nice destination to explore local UAE people culture and social activities.

Distance from Ghayathi City: Ghiyathi city / town is very well jointed to other UAE regional places via air, road and water transport.

  • Ghiyathi town is just 252.4 KM distance from Abu Dhabi central capital city.
  • Al Ain historical city is just 361.0 KM far.
  • Dubai commercial city is just 348.8 KM distance.
  • Al Mirfa port is just 91.9 KM distance.
  • Sharjah port city is just 373.6 KM distance.
  • Ras Al-Khaimah port city is just 458.0 KM distance.

UAE tour: It is a very well idea to enjoy holiday in UAE which is located in middle east region. UAE is a developed country which central capital city is Abu Dhabis and the first busy commercial city is Dubai. Winter is a good season to enjoy holiday in UAE when weather become some cool to itinerary. Europe holiday travel booking, Japan holiday travel and Switzerland holiday travel booking.

Ghayathi City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 12.0 13.0 16.0 19.0 23.0 26.0 29.0 29.0 25.0 21 17 13
Average High (℃) 25.0 26.0 30.0 35.0 40.0 42.0 43.0 42.0 40.0 37.0 31.0 27.0

How can come to Ghayathi City: Ghayathi is a modern city / town which is located in United Arab Emirates (UAE) country. Ghayathi city / town is very good connected to other UAE regional places via air, water and road transport. Other countries people can come to Ghayathi city / town via water and air transport which nearest international airport is located in Abu Dhab central capital city.

Air Transport: Al Hamra Airport is a nearest airport where people can get air flights to other UAE regional places. Al Hamra Airport is exact 61.8 KM distance from Ghayathi town / city.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is a nearest and busy airport where people can get flights to foreign countries. Abu Dhabi International Airport is exact 240.7 KM distance from Ghayathi town / city.

Water Transport: Ghayathi town / city is not a coastal or port city where has not water transport services to other foreign countries.

Ruwais Port is the nearest seaport where passengers can get water transport services to other foreign countries and UAE regional coastal places. Ruwais Port is exact 35.6 KM distance from Ghayathi town / city.

Train Transport: Ghayathi town / city is not connected to other UAE regional places via train transport where has not train network till now.

Ghayathi City tourists attractions: Ghayathi town has some historical and modern places to visit which some are Camel Race - Racecourse, Mubarak Rashid Mosque, Gayathi Farms, LuLu Express - Supermarket, FARHAN GENERAL TRADING - Shopping mall, Markhiya Forest - Park, Barqatul Nada - Park, Ghayathi D - Park, Bin Asheer Transport & General Contracting - General contractor, Distribution Center for Borouge - Warehouse store, Bainouna Garden, Al Dhannah Mall - Shopping mall, Al Taawi Weather Station, Ladies Garden, AL DHAFRA GYM - Fitness center, Ghayathi aqua park, North west - Park, Farms 188 - Park etc.

Ghayathi City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Ghayathi town also has some modern hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Ghayathi city some famous restaurants are Blue Water Cafe, Rest House - Hotel, Ghayathi Hotel, ADDC Accommodations, Salinity in the Shami house - Restaurant, 1989 cafe specialty coffee, FLASH7 CAFE - Coffee shop, Jorriz crib - Lodging, Flower Gayathi Refreshments - Cafe, shajir adnoc, Atlas grilled fish, Frizzle Restaurant, VILLA ETISALAT Acccoumadatoin, New Way Refreshments - Cafe, Green Garden - Restaurant, ZATOON GHARBIA FOODSTUFF TRADING - Chicken shop, Ahal Al Bawadi Kitchen - Restaurant, Restaurant Chef Al Roz Al Bokhari, Advanced Petro Services - Ruwais Camp etc.