Khor Fakkan City Tour Guide UAE Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 22-May-2023

About Khor Fakkan City destination: Khor Fakkan is a coastal town / city which is placed in UAE country. Khor Fakkan is a modern town which is placed in eastern shore of the UAE country. It is a nice destination to explore local UAE people culture and social activities.

Distance from Khor Fakkan City: Khor Fakkan town / city is very good connected to other UAE regional places via air, road and water transport. Khor Fakkan town is exact 28.7 KM distance from Fujairah city, Dibba Al-Fujairah city is just 40.2 KM distance, Ras Al-Khaimah coastal city is just 109.2 KM distance, Ajman coastal city is just 112.4 KM distance, Dubai commercial city is just 130.5 KM distance and Abu Dhabi central capital city is just 264.3 KM distance.

UAE tour: It is a nice idea to enjoy holiday in UAE country. UAE country some major cities Dubai commercial city, Abu Dhahi central capital city, Al Ain historical city, Sharjah coastal city. UAE is a modern country and located in middle east. UAE neighbour countries are Oman country, Saudi Arabia country, Qatar country and Bahrain country. Europe trip tour booking, Japan trip tour and Switzerland trip tour booking.

How can come to Khor Fakkan City: Khor Fakkan town / city is very well connected to other UAE places via air, water and road transport. other neighbour countries people can come to city via water, road and air transport which includes Oman country, Saudi Arabia country, Qatar country, Bahrain country, Kuwait country. Other countries people can come to Khor Fakkan city / town via air and water transport.

Air Transport: Fujairah International Airport is the nearest a busy airport where passengers can get air flights to other overseas countries and UAE regional places. Fujairah International Airport is just 29.6 KM distance from Khor Fakkan town.

Water Transport: Khorfakkan Port is the main ship / ferry terminal where passengers can get water transport services to other UAE regional places and other foreign counties.

Train Transport: Khor Fakkan city / town has not train transport services while passengers can get taxi and water transport services.

Khor Fakkan City tourists attractions: Khor Fakkan coastal town has several famous places to visit which some are Shees Park, Al Seqb Tunnel, Wadi Wurayah Biosphere Reserve, Al Rafisah Dam, Goblin Diving Center, Al Bidya Mosque, Al Taiba Heritage Museum, ALIBABA DISCOUNT MARKETS - Hypermarket, Madha Waterfall, Al Nahwah Cave, Hidden Wadi Stream 'TheBigShots', Al Nahwa Old Hamlet, Heritage village UDC BBQ spot, Nahwa Park, Al Sadah Picnic Point, Royal Hall Khorfakkan, Khorfakkan Beach etc.

Khor Fakkan City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Khor Fakkan has some affordable types hotels to stay days and nights. Khor Fakkan town some famous restaurants are Bosnian Grill - Restaurant, Al Rukn Al Malaki Restaurant - Indian restaurant, Fish & Shrimp Restaurant - Family restaurant, Old sook khorfakkan - Restaurant, Off cafe - Italian restaurant, Khorfakkan Restaurant, Kitchen Al Ghoz - Restaurant, Corners - Restaurant, Al Mabrook Restaurant & Cafeteria, Wadi Al Arayesh Restaurant - Lebanese restaurant, Bab Al Yaman Mandi Restaurant, Chocolala - Chocolate shop, Al Sahan Al Malaki Restaurant, Qaser Alfalafil Cafeteria Khorfakkan etc.