Japan Holiday to Kitakyushu Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Admin: 31-Oct-2020

About Kitakyushu Destination: Kitakyushu city is situated in Fukuoka Prefecture of the Japan country which is also a costal city. It is a modern and beautiful full city where also has international airport and seaport which connects it with foreign countries.

Tourists can explore here Japanese people modern life style, social and cultural activities. People can do here fishing and boating on Onga River.

How to Reach Kitakyushu: It is a costal city which is well connected with foreign cities and domestic cities via water transport, air transport, train and road transport.

By Air Transport: Kitakyushu city also has its international airport which name is Kitakyushu Airport. Airport is based on artificial island. It is exact 18.5 KM distance from down town. Here tourists can get trains to domestic flights and some international flights.

By Train Transport: city also has Shinkansen (Bullet Train) train station which is fastest train of the Japan country. Shinkansen train is a good way of the transportation in Japan country which connects all major cities together.

By Road Transport: Japan country has well road transport system in all country. Kitakyushu is exact 0 KM far from Hiroshima, Fukuoka is just 71 KM distance, Kumamoto is exact 170.3 KM distance, Osaka is just 544 KM far, Kyoto is just 572 KM distance, Nagoya is just 695 KM far, Tokyo is exact 1024 KM distance, Sendai is just 1387 KM distance and Sapporo is just 1926 KM far.

Things to Do in the Kitakyushu: Tourists can enjoy many activities activities such as bating, fishing, enjoy picnic on parks, shopping memorable items from local markets, eat local Japanese foods and participates local Japanese social & cultural activities.

Tourists attractions in the Kitakyushu: travelers can visit in Kitakyushu many popular places which some are the following.

Famous Places: Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History, Mojiko Retro, Kaikyokan - Aquarium, Shimonoseki City History Museum, Former British Consulate in Shimonoseki, Kinuyo Tanaka Bunkakan Museum, Kaikyo Yume Tower, Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Kitakyushu City Museum etc.

Parks & Golf Course: Kokura Racecourse, Kokura Keirin Velodrome, Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu, Hinoyama Park, Sekimidai Park, Gorufuuesupo - Golf driving range, Yomiya Park, Fukuoka Kenei Central Park etc. Japan holiday trip is a well plan to spend vacation in Kitakyushu of the Japan country.

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