Limoges City France Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-Oct-2022

About Limoges City destination: Limoges is a fully developed city which is located in France country. Limoges city is located on bank of the River Vienne which is also the life line of the city. Limoges is a well destination to explore French local people modern and social activities.

Distance from Limoges City: Limoges city is well connected to other French domestic places via air, train and road transport. Limoges city is just 230.6 KM distance Clermont-Ferrand city, Lyon city is exact 410.5 KM distance, Geneva (Swiss) city is just 557.0 KM distance, Marseille city is just 690.7 KM distance, Nantes city is just 325.4 KM distance, Paris capital city is just 393.1 KM distance, Toulouse city is just 289.8 KM distance and Montpellier city is just 423.1 KM distance etc.

France tour: It is a good idea to enjoy holiday in France country which is a famous country of the Europe region. Its central capital city is Paris which is also the largest populated and economy hub of the country. Europe trip travel booking , Switzerland trip travel and Japan trip travel

How can come to Limoges City: Limoges is a modern city which is good connected to other France domestic destinations via air, train and road transport. Limoges city is also good connected to other European countries via road, train and road transport. city also has international airport which name is Limoges – Bellegarde Airport where passengers can get flights to other European countries along with other domestic places.

Air Transport: Limoges – Bellegarde Airport is the main airport of the city where passengers can get train transport to other European countries and French domestic destinations.

Water Transport: Limoges city has not water transport services which is not a port or coastal city. it is nearest coastal city is La Rochelle which is just 250 KM distance from Limoges city.

Train Transport: Gare de Limoges-Benedictins is the main Train station of the Limoges city where passengers can get different categories trains to other European countries along with other French domestic places. French country all cities and town well connected via modern train transport.

Limoges City tourists attractions: Limoges city has lots of popular places to visit which some are Aquarium du Limousin, Musee national Adrien Dubouche - Art museum, Parc de l'Aurence - Animal park, Parc Bellevue - Amusement park, Parc du Moulin Pinard - Park, Parc Dalloz - City park, Intermarche SUPER Limoges et Drive - Hypermarket, Chateau de la Borie - Castle, Four a porcelaine des Casseaux - Museum, Cinema Grand Ecran Ester - Movie theater, Stade Municipal Pierre Lacore - Stadium, Roger Couderc Gymnasium etc.

Limoges City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Limoges is a modern city where has several budget and luxury hotels to stay days and nights. Limoges city some famous restaurants Sure Hotel by Best Western Limoges Sud & Restaurant Apolonia, KFC - Fast food restaurant, Fast Good Cafe - Fast food restaurant, Ed. Burger - Hamburger restaurant, Pazzo - Fast food restaurant, Sam Snack - Fast food restaurant, My Street Food - Fast food restaurant, La Fabbrica - Restaurant, McDonald's - Fast food restaurant, MENZIL KEBAB - Kebab shop, La Bouffarde - Bar etc.