Mannheim City Germany Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 10-Oct-2022

About Mannheim City destination: Mannheim is a modern city which is located in Germany country, Europe. Mannheim city is situated in western of the country on bank of the River Rhine where also has some beautiful lakes.

Distance from Mannheim City: Mannheim city is just 84.0 KM distance from Frankfurt city, Nuremberg city is just 240.9 KM far, Munich city is exact 356.8 KM distance, Berlin city is just 624.1 KM distance, Hannover city is just 431.4 KM distance, Hamburg port city is just 570.5 KM distance, Essen city is just 305.2 KM distance, Cologne city is just 245.8 KM far etc.

Germany tour: It is a good idea to Germany holiday which is located in Europe region which neighbour countries are Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czechia and Luxembourg. Germany country central capital city is Berlin which is a largest populated and economy hub of the country. Switzerland holiday trip tour, Japan holiday trip and Europe holiday trip .

How can come to Mannheim City: Mannheim city is good connected to other Germany domestic places via air, road and train transport. city is also good connected to other European countries via air, train and road transport. Tourists can move from Germany to other European countries via only one via via road, train, water and air transport.

Air Transport: Herrenteich Airport, Worms Airport and Airfield Speyer Ludwigshafen GmbH airport are the nearest Regional airport where people can get flights to other Germany other domestic places.

Frankfurt International airport is the nearest international airport where people can get air flights to other foreign countries along with other Germany domestic places. Frankfurt International airport is just 75.1 KM distance from Mannheim city.

Water Transport: Mannheim is a landlocked city where has not water transport services while passengers can do water transport services in River Rhine.

Train Transport: Mannheim ARENA/Maimarkt - Travel Terminals is the main railway station of the city where people can get train transport services to other European countries along with other domestic places.

Mannheim City tourists attractions: Mannheim city has several popular places to visit which some are Kunsthalle Mannheim - Art museum, Mannheim Baroque Palace - Castle, Herzogenried Park, ZEPHYR - Raum fur Fotografie - Modern art museum, Fritz Stier - Artist, Strandbad Mannheim Neckarau - Lake shore swimming area, Kiefstrand - Lake shore swimming area, WBL - Wild Park Rheingonheim - Animal park, BAUHAUS Mannheim-Mallau - Hardware store, Mobel Hoffner Mannheim-Schwetzingen - Furniture store, Jump4All Ladenburg - Sports complex, Feudenheimer Feld, Neckarufer Neckarstadt-West - State park, StrandBad Frankenthal - im Parkbetrieb - Park etc.

Mannheim City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Mannheim city has several popular modern hotels accommodations. Mannheim city some famous restaurants are Wirtshaus zum Neckartal - German restaurant, Bier- und Weinstube Wartburg - Restaurant, Geflügelzüchterverein Mannheim-Feudenheim e.V. - Croatian restaurant, Zum Horscht - Restaurant, Pizzeria Mamma Lucia - Pizza restaurant, Ristorante Da Miliziano (TSV-Badenia) Das Runde Lokal! - Italian restaurant, Pizzeria Toskana - Italian restaurant, Ristorante Toni - Italian restaurant, Ristorante Roma - Restaurant, Ristorante Pizzeria Piccola Milano - Italian restaurant, Rosso Vivo Mannheim - Restaurant, Restaurant Heimat, Bokeria Mannheim - Restaurant etc.