Parma City Italy Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 7-July-2022

About Parma City destination: Parma is a historical city which is located in northern of the Italy country. Parma city is situated on Autostrada A1 (Italy) European Highway where has easy road transport network. Parma city is also located on bank of the River Parma which crossed to the city and also make city more environment friendly. Parma is a historical city which was resident during the Roman Empire where also has a oldest University which also working in current time. Parma city has several tourists places to spend time like amusement parks, city modern parks and water parks etc.

Distances from Parma City: Parma city is well connected to other Italian places via air transport, road transport and modern train transport. Parma city is just 168.7 KM distance from Milan city, Bologna city is exact 98.0 KM distance, Venice coastal city is just 246.0 KM distance, Pisa historical city is just 177.9 KM distance, Florence city is just 201.1 KM distance, San Marino city is just 226.9 KM distance, Turin city is just 244.5 KM distance.

Italy tour is a good idea to enjoy holiday which is located in southern of the Europe. Italy is a fully developed country which central administration capital city is Rome city. Italy is located in southern of the Switzerland country and Austria country. Italy country is located in western of the Croatia country. France country is located in north western of the Italy country. Italy is a base destination of the Roman empire which three sides has only Sea water and north side has other European countries such as France country, Switzerland country, Austria country and Slovenia country. Europe tour travel and Japan tour travel .

How can come to Parma City: Parma is a modern developed city which is located in north of the country which is well connected to other Italian domestic places via air transport, train transport and road transport. Foreign countries passengers can come to Parma city via air transport where also has international airport.

Water Transport: city is a landlocked city where did not has water transport services to connect other coast city. Its nearest coastal city is just 226.9 KM distance.

Train Transport: City also has a busy railway junction where people can get train transport services to other Italian domestic destinations and other European countries also.

Air Transport: Parma Airport is a international airport where people can get air flights to foreign contraries and also can air flights to Italian domestic destinations.

Parma City tourists attractions: Parma city has several famous places to spend time such as Palazzo della Pilotta - Museum, Parco della Cittadella - Park, Parco Edgardo Carli - City park, Parco Pubblico V. Casalegno - City park, Parco di Piazzale Lubiana - Park, Certosa di Parma, Baptistery of Parma - Place of worship, The Space Cinema Parma Campus - Movie theater, Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico - Museum, Museo Di Storia Naturale - Museum etc.

Parma City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Parma modern city has several modern hotels accommodations to stay days and nights. Parma city's some famous restaurants are Japanese Restaurant CRU DO, Ristorante Cocchi - Trattoria Tipica Parma - Italian restaurant, Osteria Virgilio - Restaurant, Ristorante Sticky Fingers - Restaurant, Osteria Virgilio - Restaurant, Tobago Winefood Restaurant, Ristorante Angiol d'Or - Restaurant etc.