Reggio Calabria City Italy Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 29-Aug-2022

About Reggio Calabria City destination: Reggio Calabria is a modern costal city which is located in southern of the Italy country. Reggio Calabria city is placed on bank of the River Fiumara di Sant'Agata which is a famous place in Italy where has several options to spend holiday.

Distance from Reggio Calabria City: Reggio Calabria city is placed in Italy country in southern. Reggio Calabria is a coastal city which is just 24.1 KM distance from Messina coastal city, Naples port city is exact 491.3 KM distance, Bari port city is exact 442.3 KM far, Rome capital city is just 700.4 KM distance, Ancona port city is just 902.3 KM distance, Florence city is just 946.8 KM distance, San Marino city is just 1010.7 KM distance, Bologna city is just 1047.1 KM distance, Venice port city is just 1198.3 KM distance, Milan city is just 1243.8 KM far and Genoa port city is just 1173.5 KM far.

Italy tour: It is a very well plan to enjoy holiday in Italy country which central capital city is Rome city. Rome city is the largest populated and economy hub of the country. Europe trip vacation , Switzerland trip vacation and Japan trip vacation .

How can come to Reggio Calabria City: Reggio Calabria is coastal city which is located in southern of the Italy country. Reggio Calabria city is good connected to other domestic destinations via water transport, road transport, air transport and train transport. Reggio Calabria Airport is the domestic airport where passengers can get air flights to other Major cities like Rome and Milan etc.

Air Transport: Reggio Calabria Airport is the city’s airport where passengers can air flights to other domestic cities such as Milan and Rome metropolitan cities.

Water Transport: Reggio Calabria is a coastal city where also has water transport services to other domestic destinations. Reggio Calabria Ferry terminal is the main destination where passengers can get ferry / ship to other domestic places.

Train Transport: Reggio Di Calabria Omeca - Travel Terminals is the main railway junction where people can get train transport services to other domestic places and other European countries also.

Reggio Calabria City tourists attractions: Reggio Calabria city has several famous places to visit which some are Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia - National museum, MuStruMu - Musical Instrument Museum, Museo di Biologia Marina e Paleontologia di Reggio Calabria, Castello Aragonese - Castle, Basilica Cattedrale di Maria Santissima Assunta in Cielo - Religious destination, Chiesa di San Sebastiano Martire al Crocefisso - Catholic church, Piazza Garibaldi - Monument, Piazzetta di Via Galileo Galilei - Historical landmark, Piazza - Garden, Parco Pubblico Sbarre Superiori - City park, La Sorgente beach - Lido etc.

Reggio Calabria City famous Restaurants & accommodations: the city has lots of modern hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure. Reggio Calabria city’s some famous restaurants are Gli Sbronzi - Brewpub, Mamas Viale Calabria - Pizza restaurant, Ristorante Timo - Restaurant, La Cantina del Macellaio - Restaurant, The Crocodile 2.0 - Restaurant, Siamo fritti - Restaurant, La cantina della Suocera - Restaurant, Pizzeria Lievito - Pizza restaurant, Puro Piatto - Health food restaurant, Chicken & Co. - Fast food restaurant, Le vie del gusto - Restaurant, Chapeau Restaurant Wine Bar, DON PA FOOD - Restaurant, Plomo Contemporary Food etc.