UAE Holiday to W Abu Dhabi Yas Island Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-Oct-2022

About W Abu Dhabi Yas Island Destination: W Abu Dhabi Yas Island is a luxury hotel which is placed on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi port city of the United Arab Emirates country. The W Abu Dhabi Yas Island hotel was opened in 2009 where has total 499 rooms and 6 restaurants.

How Can Reach to W Abu Dhabi Yas Island: It is located in Abu Dhabi port city of the UAE country. Abu Dhabi city is good connected to other foreign countries via air and water transport.

Air Transport: Abu Dhabi port city has one international airport and one regional airport which names are Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Bateen Executive Regional airport.

Water Transport: Abu Dhabi port city has international Seaport where passengers can get ship / ferry services to other countries along with to other domestic destinations.

Things to Do near of the W Abu Dhabi Yas Island: passengers can do several famous activities in Abu Dhabi capital city which some are stay in luxury hotels, watch city famous museums, eat UAE local street foods etc.

Tourists Attractions near of the W Abu Dhabi Yas Island: passengers can watch lots of famous places in Abu Dhabi which some are the following.

Attractions near W Abu Dhabi Yas Island: W Lounge, Saal Style Beauty Salon, Garage Restaurant, Angar - Indian restaurant, Wet Deck - Restaurant, W Lounge, Green line textiles - Clothing store, ADCB Bikeshare, Goatifi - Church, SUN Deck - Restaurant, Yas Conference Centre, Yas Marina Circuit Bridge, Support Paddock - Yas Marina Circuit - Car racing track, Main Grandstand, The Stables UAE - Automobile storage facility, The Captain's Club - Yas Marina - Boat club, Xclusive Boat Club - Yas Marina Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina - Yachts and boats, Ocean Dream Boats - Yacht Rental etc.

Other attractions in Abu Dhabi capital city: Yas Bay Waterfront - Leisure centre, Etihad Arena, Yas South Skate Park - Skateboard park, Yas-sunset, The waves, Boat Spot Abu Dhabi, Yas Links Abu Dhabi - Golf course, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Amusement park, Formula Rossa - Roller coaster, Sea World - Amusement park, Warner Bros World - Amusement park, Yass winter carnival - Recreation center, Yas Park North, Yas Acres Golf & Country Club, North Yas slipway, Baqala Zamzam, Yas family park, Heli Landing Spot View Point, Yas Mall - Shopping mall, VOX Cinemas Yas Mall - Movie theater etc. Dubai UAE holiday trip is a good idea to W Abu Dhabi Yas Island tour which is situated in Abu Dhabi capital city of the United Abar Emirates country. Goa holiday trip , Mumbai holiday trip , Ooty holiday trip and Kerala holiday trip

Thailand holiday trip is a well idea to Khon Kaen province tour which is located in Thailand country. Khon Kaen province is situated on crossed of the National Highway - 12 and National Highway - 2. Khon Kaen city is located on bank of the River Phong and River Chi. Khon Kaen is a good destination to explore local people culture and social activities. Khon Kaen city is good connected to other countries via Khon Kaen International Airport.

Khon Kaen province has several popular places which some are Nam Sang Airport - Museum, BUENG THUNG SANG, Ratchada Nuson Garden - Park, Arboretum KKU Garden Complex, Wat Thung Setthi - Buddhist temple, Khon Kaen National Museum, Shiva Mahadeva Tewalai Shrine - Hindu temple, Lotus's Khon Kaen 2 - Hypermarket, Fishing Pond, Wat Tha Song Korn - Buddhist temple, Wat Ko Thong - Buddhist temple, Wat Tha Yang Chum - Buddhist temple, Wat Tha Yaram - Buddhist temple, Phrathat Kham Kaen - Buddhist temple, Wat Chai Sawang Ban Non Chuak - Place of worship, Marina Water Park, Fun City - Amusement park, Nongmun - Water park, KhonKaen International Convention And Exhibition Center etc.